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Toe Deformities

Toe Deformities

Toe deformities can have an impact on foot and joint alignment and can also cause problems for the hip and knee joints.

Here and London Foot & Ankle Specialists we offer a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for toe deformities.



Toe deformities can be present from birth or develop through injury, arthritis, neurological disorders, poor biomechanics and wearing ill-fitting or high-heeled shoes. They can have an impact on foot and joint alignment and cause issues through the knee and hip joints. The most common deformities are hammer, claw and mallet toes along with cross-over toes. An accurate diagnosis of the condition and its underlying causes is essential to successful treatment.


The use of toe cushions, pads, splints and tapes and special shoes can reposition the toes along with regular toe stretching exercises.

Surgical options involve correcting the deformed toes and dealing with the underlying causes at the same time. The surgeon may reposition tendons and ligaments and remove pieces of bone as part of the operation. Pins and wires may be used to keep the toes aligned during healing.

A gradual return to normal duties can be guided by physiotherapy over two to six weeks following the operation.

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