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Ankle Replacement

Ankle Replacement

When damage to the ankle from trauma or arthritis is causing extreme pain and immobility, a consultant may advise ankle replacement surgery. This is an operation where the damaged areas of the ankle are replaced with artificial fixtures.


What is it?

Unlike an ‘ankle fusion’ operation, where bones are merely stabilised using metal plates and screws, ‘ankle replacement’ surgery involves swapping damaged areas of the ankle with an artificial prosthesis. The new artificial fixtures are covered in a bioactive coating that promotes natural bone growth in the joint. Surgical expertise ensures the joint has maximum flexibility through a range of motions so that the new component, the ankle and foot bones are synchronized.

When is it needed?

A total ankle replacement may be needed after severe damage from trauma or advanced arthritis which is causing extreme pain and immobility.

The operation

The operation takes about 90 minutes and is carried out under general anaesthetic. Patients normally stay in hospital for two days with the ankle immobilised in a cast.

After Surgery

Following the operation the new ankle will not be able to bear any weight so crutches will be needed.  Weight will gradually be put on the ankle through a physiotherapy programme spread over six weeks.

The cast is removed after four to six weeks depending on the speed of recovery with a return to normal daily activities after about six months, although full rehabilitation can take a year.

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