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Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries such as fractures or ligament sprains are common in sport but can also occur in everyday activities.

Here at London Foot & Ankle Specialists our consultants offer a range of treatments for many ankle injuries.

The Ankle

The ankle is the point where the tibia and fibula of the leg meets the talus bone of the foot. It is held together by ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Ankle injuries are common in sport but can also occur in everyday activities with sudden turns on uneven surface, falls or traumatic accidents causing damage to bone, ligaments or tendons.

Ankle Injuries

The most common ankle injuries are fractures to the bone or sprains to the ligament, muscle or tendon. The injuries are characterized by immediate pain, which varies depending on the severity of the incident, swelling and stiffness.


Immediately after an ankle injury has been sustained the sufferer will need to rest, ice, compress and elevate the ankle. A specialist will then examine the damaged area to judge the extent of the injury. X-rays and scans will then provide the most accurate picture of the level of damage and dictate treatment pathways. Surgery is not normally required for sprains or strains unless particularly severe. Patients will be guided through stretching and strengthening programmes by the clinic’s consultants, who regularly treat high-performance international athletes.

Some fractures can be stabilised without surgery but often an operation is needed to insert a metal plate with screws to hold the bone in place. The joint will be protected by a cast for around six weeks but the rehabilitation process can be lengthy as the ligaments and tendons around the bone take longer to heal after a fracture. It is also important to have continuing physiotherapy to ensure the swiftest return to normal daily routines.

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